Voon (Tarso Voon) is a stratovolcano located in the Northeastern portion of the Tibesti volcanic field in the Northern tip of Chad, Africa. Other local volcanoes in this area are Toon, Oyoye, Tieroko, and Yega. Soborom, the highest point in this area is located about 5 kilometers west of Voon. It is at Soborom where most of Voon's activity is consentrated. Thermal springs, mud pits and mud volcanoes with temperatures of 70 degrees celcius and steam blasts up to 90 degree were observed at Soborom in 1956. Tarso Voon's crater streaches 18 kilometers in diameter and over time its crater floor has subsided over 1,000 meters. Ignimbrite beds surrounding Voon's rim slant inward towards the center of its caldera.

Sources of Information:

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Nothern Africa