Resident Volcanologist

Dr. Shan de Silva

Volcano World Webmasters

Adonara Mucek

Robert & Laura Peckyno

Volcano World History

Volcano World was founded by Dr. Chuck Wood in 1995. Since that time over fifty professionals and hundreds of students have contributed content and/or time to Volcano World including:

Chris Harpel, Yan Lavallee, Steve Mattox, Scott Rowland, Prabhu Ram, Dick Rasp, Jim Gale, Shubhada Savant, Johan Hustadnes, Francis Abbott,Steve and Donna O’Meara, Rosaly Lopes, Erik Klemetti, and many many more!

Volcano World is currently housed in the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University and kept alive by ongoing volunteer efforts.

Rocky, The Original VW Mascot

Rocky, the long running Volcano World Mascot, was declared dormant in 2006.