Volcan Sollipulli (33S, 71W) is a flat-topped stratovolcano with an ice-filled caldera, about 6 km by 4 km. The last big eruption occurred 3000 years ago, forming ignimbrites (pumice flows) and widespread fallout deposits. The volcano is dormant but not extinct. The photograph shows a fumarole (a steam plume) signifying the existence of hot magma beneath the surface. If an eruption occurred, much of the ice in the caldera would melt and cause major flooding in the region around the volcano. Volcan Quetrupillan (39S, 71W) is pictured in the background.

This photograph also shows Sollipulli caldera. The volcano in the background is Volcan Lanin (39S, 71W) which has not erupted in historical times.


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Central Chile