Sol de Mañana  22°25'49.94"S  67°45'26.93"W

Sol de Mañana is an active geothermal field to the southwest of the Laguna Coloradaignimbrite shield.  It is reminiscent of a small Yellowstone, complete with bubbling mud pots, geysers, and the acrid smell of sulfur.  Unlike Yellowstone, however, there are no boardwalks.  You are free to walk wherever you wish around this geothermal field but be careful!!  The crust is thin and one false step can send you into boiling mud!


Sol de Manana

Sol de Mañana is one of two geothermal areas in the APVC.  The other is El Tatio in Chile.


Sol de Manana mud

Boiling mud produces interesting patterns such as this radial star shape.


Sol de Manana geothermal field

Geothermal fields are proof that a magma body still resides in the crust under the APVC.