Chapter 1 Lesson Plan

Explain to your class that they will be working in three centers for science over the next few weeks. They need a science notebook, a pencil, and colored pencils daily. Some days they will need more lab equipment.  



Day one-


  1. Reading and Thinking Sheets for each student- See Content Lesson #1
  2. Hands-On materials- See Hands-On Lesson #1
    • 1 apple for every four students
    • 1 knife for teacher use only!!
Split your class into 3 groups. Each group will start at a different center. The three centers are the Hands-On Center, the Content Center, and the Computer Center. Have books dealing with Earth Science at each center for those who finish their work early.  
Each center will last approximately 15 minutes. When everyone in the class has finished their work in the center rotate the groups. When all the groups have been at each center review with the whole class by correcting the questions from the Computer Center and the Content Center. 
If your class is very large you may want to set up a fourth center. This could be called the Vocabulary Center. There is a Student Vocabulary Sheet and a Teacher Vocabulary Sheet provided in the Copy Masters file. 

Day Two

  • One copy of Lesson #2 Content Sheets for each student
  • Hands-On Materials:
    • Two maps (Pangaea, World today) for the students to study.  
    • Two "World Cut Up" maps for each student pair to cut into the seven moving continental plates.  
    • Two pieces of blue construction paper (9 X 12) that will represent the oceans of the world.
      • Glue
      • Scissors
      • Colored Markers

Follow the same lesson plan for day one. Start the groups at a different center each day.  

Day Three-


  • One copy of Content Lesson # 3 for each student
  • Four strips of foam rubber 4 inches by 30 inches and about 1 inch thick. The foam rubber should be made of different colors. These strips will represent layers (strata) in the crust of the earth. (See Hands-On lesson #3)

Follow the same lesson plan design as in Day One and Two. Start the groups at a different center from the previous day

Day Four-
Review Vocabulary Sheets by playing a game called Baseball.

  • One die
  • One baseball diamond transparency
  • Four markers for the runners

Break your class into two teams.
Ask a student a question. If they answer correctly award them the base that they rolled with the die. (See rules below) If they answer incorrectly their team is out. One out per inning.

Rules for the game


  1. Shake the die 
    1. single
    2. double
    3. triple
    4. home run
    5. single
    6. single
  2. Ask the question-If they answer correctly award them the base that they rolled with the die. Place a marker on the base that they earned. If there is a runner on base ahead of them move the runner the same amount of bases as the batter. If they answer incorrectly their team is out. One out per inning.
  3. Keep rolling and asking questions until a player answers incorrectly. When they answer incorrectly switch batting teams.

Day Five-
Have the students work on the Review provided in the Copy Masters.

Day Six-
Correct the Review and play Baseball or another review game. After the students have learned Baseball they can play it in their groups with copies of the diamond.

Day Seven-
Test the students using the Test provided in the Copy Masters.