Monowai seamount, Kermadec Islands

Location: 25.92S, 177.15W
Depth: -300 feet (-100 m)
Last Updated: December 17, 1997.

Acoutic waves recorded on earthquake instruments on three islands in French Polynesia suggest a possible submarine eruption at Monowai seamount. Monowai seamount is about 1,500 km northeast of North Island, New Zealand. The acoustic waves were recorded from September 19 to 22. Olivier Hyvernaud of the Laboratoire de Geophysique in Papeete, Tahiti is seeking confirmation of the eruption. Monowai has erupted at least eight times in the last twenty years. The 1977 eruption continued for eighteen months.

December 17, 1997

Strong activity was detected at Monowai Seamount starting on December 5. This activity began with a large explosion. This is believed to be an eruption larger than those of September 20-22, 1996 and April 17-20, 1997.

This information was summarized from the Volcano Listserve.

February 28, 1997

Hydro-acoustic waves indicating the eruption of a sub marine volcano were recorded on February 28. This volcano is located in the Tonga-Kermadec area. Currently, the source of these waves is believed to be Monowai volcano.


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Kermadec Islands
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