Space Shuttle photo SL3-0121-2400 looking west along central and east New Britain. New Ireland is in the bottom right.


Volcanoes of the eastern arc (New Britain Island) in the south Bismarck Sea. From Johnson (1976).


Lolobau is a caldera that caps a stratovolcano. Lolobau has had four recent eruptions. A large eruption (VEI=4) in 1100 was dated by the carbon-14 method. There were historic eruptions in 1904-05, 1908, and 1911-12. The 1904-05 eruption was large, producing a Plinian eruption column. The 1911-12 eruption was also large (VEI=4). Between 1937 and 1950, solfatara activity increased in Lolobau Crater but it stopped entirely in 1969.


Space Shuttle photo STS048-0103-0047 looking west along central and east New Britain.



Sources of Information:

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New Britain
Papua New Guinea