Discussion Questions 

Lesson 1 "The Earth's Layers" 

Discussion Questions

  1. How did Andrija Mohorovicic discover that the Earth's crust is made of less dense rock than the mantle.  


  2. Write in your own words the definition of a discontinuity.
  3. Name the four layers of the Earth in order from the outside to the  
    center of the Earth.
  4. What causes the mantle to "flow"?
  5. What are the two main metals that make up the outer and inner core?


  6. Describe in your own words how the Earth's layers were formed. Card 2 "The Four Layers" will help you


Lesson 2 "Pangea to the Present" 

Discussion Questions

  1. In your own words explain what the Continental Drift Theory states.


  2. How did Alfred Wegener try to prove that the continents of Africa and South America were once connected.
  3. How did the ancient people of Japan explain earthquakes?


  4. How did the ancient Romans explain the presence volcanoes.

Lesson 3 "How Plates Move" 

Discussion Questions

  1. What causes mountain building?
  2. What is the difference between how folded mountains and block-fault mountains are formed.


  3. How do dome mountains form?


  4. In your own words explain what happens at a subduction zone.
  5. In your own words explain what happens at a mid-ocean ridge.
  6. At a subduction zone what causes magma to rise?