Photograph of Kronotsky by Jack Lockwood, U.S. Geological Survey.

Kronotzky is a stratovolcano that stands 10,168 ft (3100 m) above the surrounding plain and is located to the east of Kronotskoe Lake. It is a perfect cone with an ice capped summit. Its summit crater has been completely filled with lava. On the lower parts of its slopes, there are a number of cinder cones. This volcano is located in a belt of fractures running from northeast to southwest.


Photograph of Kronotsky by Jack Lockwood, U.S. Geological Survey, September 18, 1990.

The main crater is apparently has been completely destroyed. The cinder cones seemed to have formed during lateral eruptions of the volcano on the southeast, southwest and north sides of the foot. It has been long considered extinct but according to the local inhabitance of the area in November of 1922 black smoke was erupted from its southern slope, they also stated that the volcano "hummed" and shot flames.




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