Kerinci is a stratovolcano on the island of Sumatra. Kerinci has erupted at least twenty times since 1838. The most recent confirmed eruption was in 1969-1970. An unconfirmed eruption was reported in 1971. This photo shows the crater lake of Kerinci. Photograph by C. Ollier.


Most eruptions at Kerinci are small to moderate in size (VEI=1-2) and explosive. Because of the presence of the crater lake there have been several phreatic eruptions. This photo shows the wall of the crater. Photograph by C. Ollier.


This photo shows the summit of Kerinci. Photograph by C. Ollier.


August 27, 2002

Seismicity at Kerinci was dominated by small explosion earthquakes. On August 27 at 10:00, an ash plume was observed at a height of approximately 3.5 kilometers above sea level.

This information was summarized from the GVP/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report


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