In general, jobs in volcanology are difficult to find. This is because funding is limited and there are typically many people applying to the few jobs that are available. In reality there are only two options for employment in volcanology, the government or academia. Some federal, state, or provincial governments do employ volcanologists. For example, the US federal government employs a significant number of volcanologists in the US Geological Survey. States, for example Alaska, also occasionally employ volcanologists. Depending on the position, government jobs are typically available to people with both Masters and PhDs. Academic positions typically require a PhD, are few and far between, and are heavily contested. Also, many volcanologists in academia do not hold positions that are specifically volcanology, rather they hold positions in some related field such as igneous petrology, geomorphology, geodesy, seismology, remote sensing, etc, but focus their research efforts in those areas towards the study of volcanism.

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