Discussion Questions 

Answer Key for Discussion and Hyperstudio Questions


Lesson 7 "Lava Flows and Pyroclasts 


Thought and Discussion Questions 

  1. What caused the death of so many people during the second eruption of Vesuvius?
  2. What is a pyroclastic flow?
  3. Describe pahoehoe and aa lava flows.
  4. What is a pyroclast and how do they form? 
  5. Write a definition for the following;
    1) High viscosity 2) Low viscosity

    Lesson 8 "Volcanic Cones and Eruptions" 

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  1. Name the six eruption types and the three cone shapes.


  2. Describe how a: 
    Shield cone forms
    Cinder cone forms
    Stratovolcano forms
  3. Draw diagrams to represent the six eruption types.


Lesson 9 "Hot Spots-Hawaii and Yellowstone" 

Discussion Questions 

  1. What is a Hot Spot? 
  2. How does and hot spot form?
  3. How does a caldera form?