Chapter 3 Review

Cones, Eruptions, and Pyroclasts


1. What is lava?

2. Name the two smallest particles of pyroclastic material.

3. Name the two largest particles of pyroclastic material.

4. What is a pyroclastic flow?

5. What is the difference between pahoehoe and aa lava flows?

6. What is the difference between high and low viscosity magma?

7. How does a lava tube form?

8. Name the two reasons that volcanic eruptions occur?

9-14. Draw the three volcanic cone shapes and label each.

15-16. What are the two most non-explosive eruption types?

17-18. What are the two most explosive eruption types?

19. What is a hot spot? Use the term mantle plume in your definition.

20. What is a caldera?

21. How does a caldera form?