Alaid, a stratovolcano, has erupted at least ten times since 1790.

The most recent eruption was in 1986. The 1790-1793 and 1981 eruptions were large (VEI=4).

The plume from the 1981 eruption reached heights of about 7 miles (12 km) and was observed by satellites.

Alaid erupted again in December of 1996.


Alaid stratovolcano, Atlasova Island.

Space Shuttle photo STS047-075-082. Photo taken September 1992.


This photo from the Space Shuttle looks to the southeast. The Kamchatka peninsula is at the bottom of the photo.

Shumshu, the first island south of Kamchatka, does not have any active volcanoes.

The volcanoes of Ebeko and Chikurachki, two of the most active volcanoes of the Kurile arc, are on Paramushir, the second island south (partial covered by clouds).

Alaid volcano sits behind the main arc of volcanoes, west (to the right) of Paramushir.

The island of Onekotan can be faintly seen in the top right corner of the photo.

Nemo Peak and Tao-Rusyr Caldera, which have both erupted in historic time, are on Onekotan.


This simple map shows the same view as the above photo.


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