Me-Akan is a stratovolcano in the depression and the only active vent. Me-Akan has erupted at least 15 times since about 1800. Eruptions prior to 1955 were weak. The 1955 eruption was phreatic and explosive. The most recent eruption was in 1988. Although it was phreatic, like most eruptions at Me-Akan, it lasted just over a month. Most eruptions at Me-Akan last less than one day.


Distant view of Akan, a group of stratovolcanoes, that lies within a shallow depression. Me-Akan, the active vent, is the steaming volcano on the left. Some volcanologists think the shallow depression is a caldera.

Image credit: Paul J. Buklarewicz.












Summit of Me-Akun.

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  This photo shows a small lake and steaming vents.


Crater at Me-Akan.


Crater at Me-Akan.

Akan is a National Park and a center for preserving Hokkaido's native Ainu culture.


Akan volcano (on the right) with Me-akan in the distance on the left.

Akan from the shores of Lake Akan, where hot sulphurous springs bubble up in the sand.

View of Me-akan and Akan-ko-fuji volcanoes from the shore of beautiful Lake Onneto.


View of Me-akan and Akan-ko-fuji volcanoes from the shore of beautiful Lake Onneto.

The crater wall.

The fumaroles of Me-akan release caustic gases. Note person with face covered.

A roaring vent emitting hot blue gas at high pressure, Me-akan.

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Part of the largest crater of Me-akan.

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Sulphur volcanoes and a vent in the right background emitting hot black mudflows (there were frequent small mud explosions from this vent).



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