Vsevidof is a steep, conical stratovolcano on central Umnak Island about 6 miles (10 km) west of Recheschnoi. The surface of Vsevidof is relatively young since it has only been slightly modified by glaciers. The summit crater is filled with ice that feeds two glaciers. Since 1784, there have been three confirmed and four suspected eruptions. Recheschnoi is a Holocene stratovolcano. It is heavily glaciated, suggesting a relatively older age compared to Vsevidof. There have been no historic eruptions at Recheschnoi. This photograph shows Vsevidof in the middle ground and Recheschnoi in the distance (date and photographer unknown).

Vsevidof from the south. Plate 44 in Kennedy and Byers (1959).


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Alaska, Aleutian Islands
United States