Stromboli, March 1993

The steep slope of the volcano dropping into the sea.

All photographs courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

Climbing high up the mountain, with a view down to the town and sea.

The plume produced by a small Strombolian eruption.

A burst of glowing pyroclasts from an eruption of Stromboli.

A very foolish tourist approaching the edge of the highly active crater 1, which erupted with lava jets to 100-200 meters every 20 minutes.

Near the gas-shrouded summit.

One of the three active craters at dusk.

Late March 1993. Stromboli was highly active with all 3 craters erupting. Crater 1 erupted in spectacular jets every 20 minutes to the second, sometimes to the height of the Pizzo (summit); Crater 2 continuously spouted smaller lava jets; and Crater 3 gave off a few ash-and-bomb eruptions per hour (no predictable interval). An Italian volcano buff who was also at the summit said he had climbed Stromboli 5 times before but this was by far the most activity he'd ever seen. Comments by Mike Lyvers.

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