Virtual Field Trip to the Southern Flank of Merapi

On December 5-9, 1997, the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia and UNESCO hosted the Merapi Volcano Decade International Workshop II in Yogyakarta, central Java. One day on the workshop was dedicated to a field trip on the south flank of Merapi.  This report was sent by Steve Mattox, roving VolcanoWorld reporter! Below is a Map of Merapi volcano with numbered field trip stops (red). Rivers are thin black lines. Major roads are thick black lines. (From Bronto and others, 1997).

Stops on the Virtual Merapi Tour

Stop #1 
Stop #2 
Stop #3 
Stop #4 
Stop #5 
Stop #6 
Stop #7
Virtual Merapi Tour Introduction 
Volcanological Technology Research Center 
Kedulan Temple 
Kinarejo new home 
Gardu Pandang 
Kaliurang Observation Post 
Boyong Sabo Dam 
Sudimoro Relocation

Information below is based on:

Bronto, S., Purbawinata, M.A., Suswati, Nurnusanto, I., Sinulingga, I.K., and Sayudi, D.S., 1997, Guide book for field excursion on the southern flank of Merapi volcano: Volcanological Survey of Indonesia, 17 p.

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