Introduction to Final Project

Goal: To apply new learnings from classroom and/or field-trip study of volcanoes to a self-chosen and self-directed final project.

Objectives: Students will demonstrate ability to

  1. Synthesize what has been learned and apply it to a final project
  2. Conceptualize the finished product, and develop a systematic plan for producing it, including steps toward completion and a timeline
  3. Share with classmates both the process and the product

Concept(s): A variety, depending upon the students' selections of topics.

Summary: The teacher will provide opportunity for students to focus in depth on areas of particular personal interest, provide them with resources, and teach them to organize materials and time to create a unique project which they will be proud to share with their classmates.

Content Areas: Any, as determined by focus of individual project.

Materials Needed:


Other resources as required

Evaluation: As determined by teacher.

Instructional Sequence:

  1. At the end of a study unit or following a field trip to a volcanic site, explain to students the purpose of the final project. Decide whether they will be required to work alone, or whether cooperative learning groups will better serve the purpose. Establish clearly at the outset your standards and expectations regarding this project.

  2. Inform students of the topics available for project activities. A list of topics is attached by way of suggestions. Decide whether student ideas/suggestions other than those listed will be accepted.

  3. Have students complete a Final Project Plan, giving one copy to you and keeping another for themselves. (This is a good time for some time-management instruction.)

  4. As appropriate, use class time to prepare projects and set-aside time for oral presentations of projects in class.

*Adapt for use with any Living Laboratory unit of study

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