Erupt-A-Word Puzzle


2. Broad, sloping volcano
4. "Sleeping"
9. Buoyant, solidified rock-glass
10. Pulverized rock from eruption
11. Volcanic cone made up of loose fragments
12. Magma which has reached the surface
13. Cave inside a lava flow
15. Lava rock rich in silica and glass
18. Crack in earth's surface
19. Bowl-shaped hollow at or near top of volcano
22. Lava movement
23. Indonesian term for volcanic mudflow
24. Dense, black, glassy, volcanic rock
25. Incline
26. Ejection of solid, liquid, and gaseous materials


1. Lava cone made of both flows and fragmented materials
2. Another term for a composite volcanic cone
3. Vent issuing steam or other gases
4. Thick, pasty lava with high silica content
5. Molten rock beneath earth's surface
6. Cracks on slopes of volcano
7. ________flow; hot gas and fragmented material
8. Instrument that records earthquakes
14. Fragments of molten rock blown from volcano and shaped by flight and impact
16. Lava poor in silica, rich in magnesium
17. Mountain built by eruptions
20. Rounded pile of lava formed by eruption
21. Avalanche that "glows" is ____ __________

Refer to: Glossary of Volcanic and Geologic Terms.

Erupt-A-Word Key

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