Southern Peru
Synonyms: Yucamane
Location: 17º11'S; 70º12'W
Type: Simple
Summit Elevation: 5550 m
Edifice Height: 1600 m
Status: Dormant

Volcano Image

Structure and Evolution

Volcan Yucumane is the youngest and southernmost of three edifices making up a NNW-SSE trending volcanic complex (Figure 7.1). The oldest edifice (unnamed) lies at the northern extent of this complex. Cerro Calientes (CC) lies in the centre and has several prominent lava flows with well preserved flow ridges (L). These may be Holocene. Other young lava flows are distributed symmetrically around the upper part of the cone; these are older than flows from Yucumane A poorly preserved summit crater with hydrothermally altered material is present. Yucumane itself appears to be largely post-glacial in age. Young lavas overlie thick moraines which form the apron to the volcano. The appearance of some of these lavas suggests a thin ash or aeolian covering. Its summit crater (SC) is youthful and well preserved.

Current Activity

Although there is no recorded activity from this complex, both Caliente and Yucumane are more youthful than Tutupaca 20 km to the northwest. It is possible that the reported activity in 1802 attributed to the latter came from Yucumane. Reliable information is lacking on the current state of this volcano.


No information.


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