La Poruña

Synonyms: None
Location: 21º53'S; 69º30'W
Type: Discrete satellite vent
Summit Elevation: 3800 m
Edifice Height: 300 m

Volcano Image

Many small volcanoes occuring as discrete satellite vents to large central volcanoes are also common in the Central Andes. La Poruna (21°53'S 69°30'W), a perfectly formed scoria cone, may be a satellite vent to Volcan San Pedro. This 180 m high cone has a basal diameter of 900 m and has a prominent bocca on the western side from which an 8 km long compound lava flow was erupted (Figure M15a & b). Similar young satellite vents are also associated with Chachani, Parinacota, Ollague, and Socompa volcanoes. Apart from their physical similarity, most of these lateral eruptions have two other features in common; in almost every case they are associated with regional faults or lineaments and their erupted products are the most mafic and primitive erupted from the volcano (e.g. O'Callaghan & Francis, 1986; Wörner et al., 1988).


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