Cerro Overo

Northern Chile
Synonyms: None
Location: 23º31'S; 67º40'W
Type: Discrete Maar
Summit Elevation: 4600 m
Edifice Height: 80 m (depth)

Volcano Image

Cerro Overo (23° 31'S 68° 19'W) is a young 600 m diameter maar erupted along a regional fault through a basement of ignimbrites. It is the least silicic young volcanic rock so far found in the 21° to 24°S segment of the volcanic Central Andes (54.22% SiO2). Cerro Tucle, also a maar, is somewhat older but is also related to regional faulting. The siting of La Negrillar, a large compound flow (24° 17'S 68° 36'W) has been controlled by by faults on the southwestern flank of the Atacama basin. This compound basaltic andesite cone and lava complex is valley confined but of considerable extent with a maximum dimension of about 16 km.


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