Isluga Images

isluga land view

14.2 View from the northwest towards Volcan Isluga (1988; Courtesy of Gerhard Worner).

islgua summit view

14.3 Detail of the fuming summit crater showing light coloured, highy altered and sulphur encrusted layered pyroclastic deposits, which are mantled by fresh, dark andesitic ash and scoria can also be seen. Traces of bedding are visible in the young pyroclastic deposits. (1988; Courtesy of Gerhard Worner).

isluga air view

14.4 Aerial view of Volcan Isluga. Note the prescence of an outer rim to the recent vent forming a 'somma' feature. Another arcuate scarp to the east of the main summit complex may be related to an earlier episode of activity. North is to the top. (Portion of aerial photograph 3a-33-2970 of the Instituto Geographico Militar de Chile, Santiago, 1961).