Falso Azufre Images

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Falso Azufre topo Topographic map of Falso Azufre and the surrounding region.
Falso Azufre air view Figure 42.2 Vertical air photo showing detail of the young and older craters of Falso Azufre. The material surrounding the crater appears to mantle the topography but appears to have flow ridges in its distal ends (see also Figure 42.3). Portion of aerial photograph 22-1302 of the Geografico Militar, Santiago, Chile taken April 1961.
Falso Azufre oblique air view Figure 42.3 View eastwards over Falso Azufre. Flat topped edifice with large crater in upper center is Cerro Falso Azufre. Two small dark cones behind Falso Azufre are 1 and 2 on Figure 42.1. Cerro Peinado can be seen in upper right hand corner of photo. Material mantling the surface around the crater may be a welded airfall deposit. Portion of oblique aerial photograph 103-R-135 of the Geografico Militar, Santiago, Chile.