Nevados Casiri

Southern Peru
Synonyms: None
Location: 17º28'S; 69º49'W
Type: Complex
Summit Elevation: 5650 m
Edifice Height:500 m
Status: Latent

Volcano Image

Structure and Evolution

Nevados Casiri consists of four edifices defining a ridge which probably reflects the migration of the magmatic source (Figure 8.1). Three unnamed old cones are aligned E-W, while the youngest cone is to the SE of this ridge. Evidence of Holocene activity is found in two lava flows (L) from the youngest cone which also has a well defined summit crater (SC) . An older massive silicic dome (D) is present to the W of the young cone. Two sulphur mines, Azufreras Gloria and San Luis, have been opened, apparently in acid leached and altered material underlying younger lavas.

Current Activity

There is no available information on the activity of this complex.


No information is available.


No information is available.


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