Lolo, Walo, and Hargy
--New Britain--

Space Shuttle photo STS61A-0487-0012 looking northeast along central-east New Britain.

Volcanoes of the eastern arc (New Britain Island) in the south Bismarck Sea.
From Johnson (1976).



Lolo, New Britain

Location: 5.5S, 150.5E
Elevation: 805 m


    Lolo is stratovolcano. It is probably Holocene in age but no rocks have been dated.


Walo, New Britain

Location: 5.5S, 150.9E
Elevation: 15 m


    Walo is a hydrothermal field with hot springs. There has been no Holocene eruptions.


Hargy, New Britain

Location: 5.3S, 151.1E
Elevation: 1148 m


    Hargy is a stratovolcano that erupted from the Galloseulo vent in 5050BC and in 950 AD. The eruptions were dated by the carbon-14 method.


Sources of Information:

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New Britain
Papua New Guinea