Lesson 4 "Earthquakes-The Rolling Earth" 


Thought and Discussion Questions 

1. Describe in your own words what a fault is.

2. How is a strike-slip boundary different from a convergent and divergent boundary?

3. What is a tsunami?

4. How does a tsunami form?

Hyperstudio Questions

1. How are earthquake waves produced?

2. What does a Richter Scale show?

3. What are the differences between compression, shear, and surface  


Lesson #5 Volcanoes

Discussion Questions #5

1. What caused the death of so many people during the second eruption of Vesuvius?

2. What is a pyroclastic flow?

Hyper Studio Questions #5

1. Where do volcanoes form?

2. What are the two definitions for the term volcano.

3. Write definitions in your own word for the following terms:

a) Active Volcano-

b) Dormant Volcano-

c) Extinct Volcano-


Lesson #6 Volcanic Terms

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Hyperstudio Questions

Label the following parts of a volcano by writing your answers on a sheet of paper.