Test Chapter 2

Earthquakes and Volcanoes



1. _____ Fault  A. gods and goddesses of ancient mythology
2. _____Focus  B. Exact point of origin of an earthquake. Usually found deep under the surface of the Earth.
3. _____ Magnitude  C. The point on the surface of the Earth directly above the earthquake.
4. _____ Tsunami  D. Long crack in the crust of Earth.
5. _____ Pele, Vulcan, and Kashima  E. measure of the strength of an earthquake
6. _____ Epicenter  F. Seismic sea wave caused by an earthquake, hurricane, or underwater landslide.
7. ___Compression-Shear-Surface  H. The three types of earthquake waves.
  1. 16-21. Name the three ways that volcanoes form and describe the process of formation for each.



    19. Why do earthquakes occur?

    20. Where do most of the world's earthquakes occur?

    21. How does a volcano grow larger?


    Name the volcanic term for each letter.
    A._____ D._____  

    B._____ E._____

    C._____ F._____