Chapter 1 Test 

The Earth: A Dynamic Planet


1-4. Label the four layers of the Earth.

5. Explain how the mantle's convection currents move the Earth's plates?

6. What is happening at a transverse plate boundary?

7. Name two pieces of evidence that scientists have used to base the Continental Drift Theory on.

8. The collision of the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate produced the _______________________ Mountains, the highest mountain range in the world.

9. What type of mountain formation is shown in the diagram below?

10. What type of mountain formation is shown in the diagram below?

What is happening at the following plate boundaries?

11. Collision boundary-

12. Separation boundary-

13. Transverse boundary-

Matching Vocabulary I

14. _____ subduction zone  A Pieces of the crust that "float" on the mantle.
15. _____ convection currents  B The only ocean on Earth 250 million years ago.
16. _____ Pangea  C Movements in a material caused by hotter material rising and cooler material sinking.
17. _____ Plates  D Supercontinent 250 million years ago
18. _____Panthalassa  E Area where two plates are colliding. One plate is pushed down under the other plate.

Matching Vocabulary II

19. _____Magma A The northern half of Pangea after it split apart.
20. ___Continental Drift Theory  B The deepest places on the surface of the Earth. They are located at subduction zones.
21. ______Mid-ocean ridge  C Molten rock below the surface of the Earth
22. _____ Laurasia  D Place where two plates are separating. These plates are moving in opposite directions making the oceans larger.
23. _____Trenches  E The idea that the Earth's plates are "floating" on the mantle and have been for millions of years.