Space Shuttle photo GT05-0003-5708. Looking north-northeast across the Babuyan Channel. The northeast tip of Luzon is at the bottom of the photo. Camiguin Island is just north of Luzon. Babuyan Island (top left corner) is north of Camiguin Island.


Babuyon Claro is a heavily forested stratovolcano near the center of Babuyan Island. The volcano has erupted at least 8 times since 1652. Six of these eruptions have been at Smith Volcano, a vent on the west part of Babuyan Island. Smith Volcano is a well preserved symmetrical cinder cone. The 1831 eruption of Babuyon Claro was the largest (VEI=4) and caused damage. The most recent eruption was in 1924 at Smith Volcano.


Sources of Information:

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Map from van Padang (1953).

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