Activities and Teaching Suggestions for Minerals, Magmas, and Volcanic Rocks

  1. Atomic Models (Grades 4-6)
  2. Comparing Rocks from Hawaii and Continental Volcanoes (Grades 4-6)
  3. Elements in Rocks and Everyday Things (Grades 4-6)
  4. Is It a Mineral? (Grades 4-6)
  5. What's in the Crust? (Grades 4-6)
  6. Rocks Quiz (Grades 7-8)
  7. The Periodic Table and the Common Elements of Hawaiian Volcanoes (Grades 7-8)
  8. Comparing the Chemical Composition of Hawaiian Basalt and Mount Saint Helens Dacite (Grades 7-8)
  9. Eruptive Stage and Composition of Rocks in Hawaii (Grades 9-12)
  10. Making a Rock Collection (Grades K-12)
  11. In the Park (Grades K-12)

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