Activity 2. Making Your Own Volcano (Grades 4-6)

The goal of this activity is to make a shield volcano, a stratovolcano, or a cinder cone. This activity requires about 30 minutes, and students need scissors, tape, cardboard (8x11.5 in), newspaper, aluminum foil, spray paint, spray glue, and sand. Before starting, a brief review of volcanic landforms will help the students to make more realistic volcanoes.

The interior of the volcano is made of crumpled newspaper or paper wads of various sizes. Tape the paper to the cardboard to form a cone. The shape of the volcano should resemble a shield volcano, a stratovolcano, or a cinder cone. An indentation at the top of the volcano can be a crater or a caldera. A layer of aluminum foil over the paper adds a surface to the volcano. Tape the edges of the foil to the bottom of the cardboard. Spray paint the volcano black, gray, or brown. Cover the volcano with a thin coat of spray glue and sprinkle with sand to add some texture. Compare your volcanoes to photographs in books.

Additional instructions for making model volcanoes are available in Learning about Volcanoes.

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