Compare and Contrast Puu Oo and Kupaianaha (Grades 7-8)

Eruption episodes for Puu Oo and Kupaianaha varied dramatically in style, volume, duration, and devastation. Activity 9. is a list of ways that the eruptions were similar and different. Puu Oo began as a fissure and evolved to a central vent. It is a cinder and spatter cone that formed during 41 episodes. It erupted lava and tephra. Discontinuous high-fountaining eruptions occurred at Puu Oo over a 3 year period, sending lava into Royal Gardens. A lava pond is still active at Puu Oo. Kupaianaha grew from a central vent to form a lava shield with a lava pond at the summit. This one episode was continuous for 6 years. Kupaianaha is not located in the park and is no longer active. It did form long lava tubes that extended far from the vent, destroying Kalapana. Kupaianaha lava also destroyed homes in Royal Gardens. Kupaianaha added land to the island and made black sand.

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