In the Park (Grades K-12)

Puu Huluhulu and the end of Chain of Craters Road are excellent locations to discuss/describe the current eruption. From the summit of Puu Huluhulu, a prehistoric cone on the upper east rift zone, Puu Oo can be seen 7.5 miles (12 km) down the rift to the east. Note that the weather must be clear.

Dramatic evidence of the current eruption can be seen at the end of Chain of Craters Road. As of February 1996, the Kamoamoa and Lae Apuki lava flow fields and the Kamoamoa lava delta can be seen. In the distance, a few roof tops can be seen in the Royal Gardens subdivision.

When possible, the rangers of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provide access to lava flows in the coastal area. To check on viewing conditions, call the park's eruption message at (808) 967-7977 or the Division of Interpretation at (808) 967-7184. Updates are also posted in VolcanoWorld.

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