Tocorpuri and La Torta, Chile

Location: 22.5 S, 67.9 W
Elevation: 19,300 feet (5,800 m); La Torta 16,450 feet (5,018 m)

Tocorpuri and La Torta, on the border of Chile and Bolivia. Photograph by James Walker, Northern Illinois University.

Tocorpuri (snow-capped peaks on left side of photo) is a compound stratovolcano made of several eruptive centers that are aligned to the northeast of the principal crater. The location of the vents is controlled by a fracture. The age of the volcano is estimated to be Pleistocene to Holocene. La Torta is the gray volcanic dome just in front of Tocorpuri. It is made of rhyolite and has a volume of 1.1 cubic miles (4.7 cubic kilometers). It formed during a single eruption (what volcanologists call a monogenetic eruption). La Torta is probably a parasitic cone of Tocorpuri. A K-Ar date for a sample from La Torta provides an age estimate of less than one million years for the volcanic dome.

Source of Information:

Gonzalez-Ferran, O., 1994, Volcanes de Chile: Santiago, Chile, Instituto Geografico Militar, 640 p.

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