Tsurumi, Kyushu, Japan

Location: 33.3N, 131.4E
Elevation: 1,374 m

Tsurumi is made of lava domes. Tsurumi's first two known eruptions, in 200 and 771AD, produced new domes. The 200 AD eruption was large (VEI=4), explosive, and generated pyroclastic flows. The most recent eruption, in 867 AD, lasted two months and caused some damage.

Beppu, which includes numerous spas and resorts, is a thermal feature of Tsurumi. The next three photos are views of Blood Hell, the blood-red boiling lake at Beppu.

All photographs courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

Umi (Ocean) Hell with its rich blue color. Umi is a thermal feature of Tsurumi.

Another of the Beppu hot lakes. People come to Beppu to enjoy the mineral-rich waters of the hotspring baths.

Source of Information:

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