Oshima and Mihara-yama

Oshima and Mihara-yama

In 1986 there was a major eruption at Oshima, first from the main crater and then from a line of fissures inside the caldera and on the flanks. The island had to be evacuated. This photo shows the Mihara-yama cone. All photographs courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

The caldera wall and 1986 lava flows.

The active crater of Mihara-yama.

A panorama of the active crater.

The crater wall.

The somma of Oshima with active fumaroles

Some of the eruptive fissures from the 1986 eruption, and the distance, the caldera wall. View is from the central cone.

The 1986 lava flows from the edge of one of a line of craters formed in 1986.

Mike Lyvers near the edge of the active crater, which is extremely deep.

The crater wall with a massive fissure (note the red color inside the bottom part: incandescence?).

Mike Lyvers standing amid trees burned in the 1986 flank eruption (outside the caldera, where there is another line of craters).

VolcanoWorld wishes to thank Mike Lyvers for generously sharing his photographs.

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