Nipesotsu-Upepesanke, Hokkaido, Japan

Location: 43.5N, 143.0E
Elevation: 2,013m

Overview of Nipesotsu-Upepesanke. Nipesotsu-Upepesanke is made of a cluster of lava domes. This volcano is referred to as Io by locals and tourists. "Io" means "sulphur" in Japanese. All photographs courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

One of Nipesotsu-Upepesanke's lava domes. Two eruption at Nipesotsu-Upepesanke have been at the Maru-yama vent in 1000 and 1898. Both eruptions were moderate in size. The 1898 eruption was phreatic.

A crater at Nipesotsu-Upepesanke.

Solfatara at Nipesotsu-Upepesanke.

Nipesotsu-Upepesanke's namesake, sulphur.

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