Nasu, Honshu, Japan

Location: 37.1N, 140.0E
Elevation: 1,917 m

Nasu is made of overlapping stratovolcanoes. Nasu has had at least nine historic eruptions between 1397 and 1963. The eruption in 1410 killed 180 people. All of the historic eruptions have been at the Chausu-dake vent. Most eruptions have been explosive and the last three historic eruptions (1953, 1960, and 1963) have been short-lived (1-5days), small (VEI=1) and phreatic.

The next four photos show various views of the steaming rocks and crater at Nasu's summit.

All photographs courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

A high pressure fumarole near the summit.

A cable car carries hikers part of the way up Nasu.

People hiking from the upper cable car station towards the summit.

Source of Information:

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