Vilyuchik, Kamchatka, Russia

Location: 52.68N, 158.30E
Elevation: 7,127 ft. (2,173 m)

Vilyuchik is a conical stratovolcano that has a lava flow located at its summit. Its main crater has been eroded and at its base is located acidic lava domes.

VilyuchikUs main cone itself dates back to post-glacial times. Northwest of Vilyuchik is located a young basaltic cinder cone called Barkhatnaya Sopka which is situated on an east-west running tectonic line.

Southeast of Vilyuchik is located Vilyuchinskaya bay that flows out into the Pacific. Vilyuchik is located about 40 km southwest of Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka.
Some other volcanoes in this local area are: Mutnovsky, Asacha, and Opala.

Sources of Information:
Sviatolovsky, A. E. 1959 Atlas of Volcanoes of the Soviet Union, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow USSR. p167.

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