Bandai, Honshu, Japan

Location: 37.6N, 140.1E
Elevation: 1,819 m
Last Updated: 18 August 2000

Bandai is a stratovolcano with a caldera in northern Honshu. Bandai has erupted four times between 806 and 1888. Most of the eruptions were moderate to moderate-large in size (VEI=2-3). The exception was the 1888 eruption which was large (VEI=4) and formed at least part of the caldera. It included a debris avalanche that buried several villages. The volume of the avalanche was 1.2 cubic kilometers. Although the eruption lasted only one day it killed at least 461 people. About 70 people were burned and scarred by pyroclastic surge. Photograph courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

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18 August 2000

On 16 August, Japanese officials issued a volcanic advisory for the Mount Bandai Volcano. Increased seismic activity near the summit indicates a possible explosion.

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One of the many lakes at the foot of Bandai in depressions in the debris avalanche flow from its St. Helens-type eruption in 1888. Photograph courtesy of and copyrighted by Mike Lyvers.

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