Azuma, Honshu, Japan

Location: 37.7N, 140.3E
Elevation: 2,024 m

Azuma is made of overlapping stratovolcanoes. All eight of the historic eruptions have been at the Issaikyo vent. Unconfirmed historic eruptions were reported for 1331 and 1711. The first confirmed historic eruption was in 1889. Most of the historic eruptions have been small to moderate in size (VEI=1-2) and about half are phreatic. In 1893, two geologists were killed at Azuma by falling stones. The most recent eruption was in 1977. It was small and lasted less than one day. Photograph courtesy of and copyrighted by Leslie Sonnenschein. Note hiker at the edge of the crater.

Sources of Information:

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