Nazko Cone, central British Columbia, Canada

Location: 52.90 N, 123.73 W
Elevation: 3940 feet (1200m)
Last Updated: November 2000

                                                                                   Photograph by C. Hickson

Nazko Cone is a small, tree covered volcano in central British Columbia, approximately 75 km west of Quesnel, in central British Columbia. Nazko cone is the youngest volcano in the Anaheim volcanic belt (Bevier et al. 1979; Souther & Yorath 1991). The cone comprises older, lava flows formed during passive eruptions as well as bombs, lapilli, and ash produced during subsequent explosive, pyroclastic eruptions (seen in the picture above). The tephra deposits are deepest near the cones (>3 m) and thin to less than a few centimetres only a few kilometres away, suggesting that the explosive eruptions were relatively small. The youngest deposits of airfall tephra are dated indirectly by analyzing burned wood within the tephra: the ages of the burned wood range from 10 000 to 7000 radiocarbon years ago. The ages for the tephra can be confirmed geologically because the airfall is found on top of glacial till deposited during the Fraser Glaciation, which ended about 10 000 years ago. Nazko cone has been mined in the past for its cinder and scoria by the Canadian Pumice Corporation.

-summary by Ben Edwards, Grand Valley State University, MI

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