Mt. Meager, SW British Columbia, Canada

Location: 50.63 N, 123.50 W
Elevation: 8681 feet (2645 m)
Last Updated: November 2000

                                                                                    Photograph by C. Hickson

Mount Meager volcano, located 150 km north of Vancouver, British Columbia, is a volcanic complex comprising at least 8 vents, the youngest of which is on the northeast side of Mount Meager (seen in the photograph above - vent is dark area surrounded by horseshoe-shaped band of snow).  The most recent volcanic activity started about 2400 years ago with an eruption from a vent on the northeast side of the mountain. The eruption was a Plinian style eruption, which produced a plume of ash that traveled east across British Columbia into Alberta. The eruption also produced pyroclastic flows and a short lava flow.

                                                                                    Photograph by B. Edwards

Shown above is an airfall deposit of lapilli-size dacite pyroclastics probably formed during the Plinian phase of the most recent Meager eruption. The pumice pyroclasts are currently mined at several locations around the volcano.

                                                                                    Photograph by B. Edwards

Hot debris avalanches from the most recent eruption at Mount Meager buried trees along forested slopes of the volcano, which were burned in place. Today charred remains can be seen in exposures along the Lilloet River east and south of the main vent.

-summary by Ben Edwards, Grand Valley State University, MI

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