Fogo, Cape Verde Island

Location: 14.9N, 24.3W
Elevation: 9,279 feet (2,829 m)

The caldera of Fogo is clearly visible.

Fogo is a stratovolcano capped by the Cha caldera. The caldera is about 5 miles (8 km) in diameter. The east half of the caldera is defined by the Bordeira scarp. The caldera is open on the east and directs lava flows in that direction. Fogo has erupted ten times between 1500 and 1995?. Most eruptions are from flank vents and include moderate (VEI=2) explosions. Most eruptions also produce lava flows. Most eruptions cause damage but only the 1847 caused fatalities. An unknown number of people were killed by earthquakes associated with the eruption. Fogo was continuously active from 1500 to 1760. The shades on this map correspond to changes in elevation. Each shade is 400 m of elevation.

Click here to obtain information on the April 2, 1995 eruption of Fogo.
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