Tibesti Volcanic Region, Chad

This ancient volcano at Tibesti (19.0N, 19.0E) Chad, Africa has been eroded down to near ground level by windblown sand in nature's own sandblaster. High speed desert winds funneled through the mountains pick up sand as it travels and over a period of thousands of years, is able to erode anything in it's path.

Located midway between Lake Chad and the Gulf of Syrte, this volcanic region called Tibesti is situated in Southern Libya and Northern Chad. This region makes a triangle that measures nearly 350 miles in length and is surrounded by the sandstone plains and plateaus of the central Sahara.

Image taken on 11/16/82 from STS-5 (STS005-41-1344)

Some of the more prominant volcanoes that are located in this region are Yega, Tousside, Oyoye, Tieroko, Voon, Toon, and Emi Koussi.

Information Source:

Shuttle Images at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

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