Soretimeat, Vanua Lava Island, Vanuatu
Location: 13.8S, 167.5E
Elevation: 3,021 feet (921 m)

At least six volcanic peaks define the spine of Vanua Lava Island. Soretimeat, near the center of the island, is a complex volcano like Vesuvius. Soretimeat has a summit crater about 2,700 feet (900 m) in diameter and 300 feet (100 m) deep which contains a lake. A solfataric (LINK to GloSSARY) area, called Frenchman's Sulphur Deposit, is on the outer northeast flank of the volcano. Steam, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and some sulfur dioxide is released.

Three historic eruptions occurred ca. 1860, ca. 1865, and from 1965-1966. Each of these eruptions was small with VEI of about 2. The two eruptions in the 19th century were from the central vent and were explosive. The most recent eruption was on the northwest flank and was phreatic.

A sample of basaltic lava from Soretimeat contains crystals of plagioclase, pyroxene, and a little olivine. A chemical analysis of the basalt is: 54.3% SiO2, trace TiO2, 15.2% Fe2O3, 16.3% Al2O3, trace MnO, 8.5% CaO, 1.9% MgO, 3.3% Na2O, and 0.8% K2O.

Sources of information on the volcanoes of Vanuatu (New Hebrides Islands).

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