East Epi, Vanuatu
Location: 16.7S, 168.4E
Elevation: -111 feet (-34 m)
Last update: April 8, 2004

East Epi is a submarine caldera. Between 1920 and 1988, five historical eruptions have been confirmed and six more are suspected. Most of these eruptions are non-explosive (VEI=0) and lasted a few days to a few months. The 1953 eruption was explosive (VEI=3) and constructed a new island.

April 6, 2004

Volcanic activity renewed at East Epi caldera after 6 years of quiescence. An eruption was reported in early March.

This information was summarized from the GVP/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
Sources of information on the volcanoes of Vanuatu (New Hebrides Islands).

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