Mount Discovery, Antarctica

Location: 78.2S, 165.2E

Mount Discovery from across the Ross Sea. Photograph by Rick Moscati, 1990.

Like Mount Erebus , Mount Discovery is along the edge of a rift system that splits east Antarctica from west Antarctica.

Mount Discovery (elevation: 8,794 feet, 2,681 m)is a central volcano. The summit of the volcano is made of lava flows, debris flow deposits, and sedimentary rocks of volcanic material. Several volcanic domes are on the north side of the mountain. The volcanic rocks are alkalic in composition. Much of Mount Discovery is covered by glaciers and glacial deposits.

Mount Discovery formed about 5.3 million years ago. The youngest vents are 1.8 million years old.

The volcano was first visited in 1958 by a survey party from New Zealand.

Source of Information:

Wright, A.C., and Kyle, P.R., 1990, A.21 Mount Discovery, in LeMasurier, W.E., and Thomson, J.W., eds., Volcanoes of the Antarctica Plate and southern oceans: American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C., p. 120-123.

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